Isol 40

Insulating underlay made from fine aggregate of rubber and cork polyurethane binder.

Can be installed under floating or glued floor.

  • Excellent shock sound insulation 
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Extreme resistance to pressure and water (rot)
  • Environmentally friendly (made from recycled and recyclable material)


Surface/roller: 15sqm

Format : width of 1 linear meter

Thickness: 2mm

Density: 700 kg/m3

Classification with fire: M4 (CSTB, (n°RA03 - 0022), B2 (DIN 4102-1)

Thermal resistance: 0.024sqm. °C/W (under therlal resistance Patent DIN 52612)

Soundproofing: acoustic performance:

  • Engineered wood flooring of 13mm: 19 dB(glue-free floating installation)
  • Wood flooring of 16mm: 18 dB (glue down installation)
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