Interior design ideas: create a cosy bedroom using panelling

Wood is making a comeback in our interiors and is even taking over the walls with our Wood Wall Concept, to create a natural, warm atmosphere. In light or darker shades, the wood wall concept is unrivalled in creating a cosy bedroom. See our design ideas to make the Wood Wall Concept the charm feature of your bedroom.

Panelling in a bedroom: why is it a good idea?

Long shunned in homes, panelling is regaining its rightful place by fulfilling a need for what is natural and authentic. Once installed on the walls, it creates an immediate soft, warm atmosphere. The Wood Wall Concept is a good idea for bedrooms:

  • It strengthens sound and heat insulation;
  • It’s easy to install. At Panaget we have patented the wood wall concept which makes it even easier and faster to install your panelling.

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Our interior design ideas for a cocooning style bedroom using the Wood Wall Concept

Bedrooms must be welcoming and comforting: a place where you feel good. What better way to give your bedroom a warm, cosy and authentic style than with our Wood Wall Concept? Whether you’re looking for a Scandinavian, rustic or beach style bedroom, the Wood Wall Concept makes it all possible! We can give you some interior design ideas to turn your bedroom into a cocooning and trendy space.

Chalet atmosphere in a bedroom

A Wood Wall Concept installation is ideal for creating a cosy mountain chalet atmosphere in a bedroom. You should avoid putting wood everywhere, with panelling on the walls and ceilings, wood flooring, beams and furniture, which can be stifling. Make choices: install Wood Wall Concept on one or two walls and combine it with paint or stone. If the ceiling height is high enough and the room is spacious, you can still attempt the Wood Wall Concept on all the bedroom walls.
Choose light shades of oak for a modern look and darker tones, such as our Reclaimed Oak Wall Wood, for a more rustic chic look. Panaget proposes an oiled "leather" wood floor that creates a very warm atmosphere in a bedroom that can be combined with the Wood Wall Concept.

A cocooning style Scandinavian bedroom with the Wood Wall Concept

Natural Scandinavian style inspired interior design has been very popular in recent years. This cocooning and modern atmosphere is achieved using the Wood Wall Concept using light, stained, light grey or bleached wood placed on one wall, or why not at the head of a bed, using a chevron design for a guaranteed warm effect! Complete the design with light shades of wood furniture, a polished concrete floor, flax linen and cotton bedding and touches of pastel colours that are conducive to relaxation.

A seaside spirit for a peaceful, gentle bedroom

Along with stripes, blue and white, wood is the key element in seaside interior design. The natural warmth of wood creates a cosy and relaxing effect. This is especially true of the Wood Wall Concept in light or white coloured wood with wide boards that you install horizontally on the wall next to the bed. For a more chic seaside effect, go for a vertical Wood Wall Concept installation for the dado, and navy blue paint up to the ceiling. You can also combine it with a bleached wood floor and why not add some decorative elements, taking care not to go overboard!

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