Can you have wood flooring in toilets?

Tiling isn't the only available solution for wet room flooring. It’s perfectly possible to lay wood flooring in toilets as long as certain criteria are met. Here are some tips on how to choose suitable wood flooring for toilets.

What type of wood can be used for wood flooring in toilets?

As toilets are wet rooms, it’s important to choose wood flooring that withstands water and moisture. Exotic wood species are the most suitable, as they are naturally rot-proof. At Panaget, we’ve chosen to offer Indonesian teak flooring with built-in joints, which is perfectly suitable for wet environments. Temperature changes or water splashes have no effect on it. It will make your toilets cosy with its yellow-brown to dark brown colour and very soft texture! 

What’s the best finish for wood flooring in toilets?

An oil finish is best for wood floors in rooms like toilets. Why? Because oiled wood flooring lets the boards breathe if there is any infiltration and protects them better over time. To guarantee effective long-term protection, our wood floors for wet rooms such as toilets and bathrooms are pre-oiled.

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What technique should be used to lay wood flooring in toilets?

To guarantee board stability and make sure they stay together, glued laying is the only suitable solution. It guarantees maximum waterproofing and adherence. 
For wet rooms, we strongly recommend a "boat deck" installation, which improves flooring stability while giving a unique effect thanks to the black caulking between the boards.  

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