Choosing the colour of your wood floor

With numerous different options available, choosing the colour of your wood floor can prove a challenge. Whilst the decision comes down to personal preference, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure your wood floor fits perfectly with the rest of your home. The size of the room, the amount of natural light, the wall and ceiling colours and the type of furniture should all be taken into consideration when choosing the colour of your wood floor.

Choosing the colour of the floor based on the features of your chosen room

Every room in your home will have different features so you should base your choice of wood floor colour on these characteristics. It is very important to consider how much natural light the room gets. If you choose a colour that complements the lighting conditions, you’re sure to love the finished result. For example, we do not recommend choosing a dark wood floor for a room with little natural light or vice versa.

Choosing a wood floor based on the dimensions of your chosen room

Whether big or small, the size of your chosen room is another factor to take into account. In general, we advise installing dark wood floors in large rooms. This will make the room feel smaller and therefore warmer and cosier as well.
In a smaller room, it makes more sense to install a lighter wood floor. This will make the space seem bigger and less cramped.

Choosing a wood floor based on the décor style in your chosen room

To ensure your wood floor blends seamlessly with the rest of your home, it’s important to create a sense of cohesiveness. Choose a hue that complements the style and colour of your furniture but that also matches the wood floors in other rooms. For example, we strongly advise against choosing a wood floor in the exact same shade as the wall or other furnishings in the room.

What looks do different wood floors offer?

Different types of wood floor will bring a different feel or style to the room where you choose to install them. Here is a quick rundown of the different looks you can create:

  • A dark wood floor will bring out the warmth of other features in the room.
  • A matt finish will hide any imperfections in the wood caused by everyday wear and tear.
  • White or grey wood floors will make the room feel a lot bigger.
  • A natural wood finish is a timeless choice that will blend seamlessly with any décor style.
  • Dark or black wood floors will add a touch of elegance to a luxurious modern home.

For further advice or to see the full range of wood floor hues, we strongly recommend visiting one of our stockists. They can provide you with samples to make the decision-making process easier.