How to remove adhesive from wood flooring?

Even if you’re very careful when laying wood flooring, unsightly traces of adhesive can end up on the floorboards. The good news is that there are solutions for removing adhesive from wood flooring.

Removing vinyl adhesive from wood flooring

This adhesive, which becomes clear when it dries, is easy to remove by scraping the wood flooring with a wooden or plastic spatula. The last remaining traces can then be cleaned off using a damp cloth. Never use metal tools on wood flooring to avoid scratch marks.

Removing solvent adhesive from wood flooring

Start by scraping off the bulk of the adhesive using a wooden or plastic spatula. Then apply an adhesive solvent suitable for wood flooring using a brush and leave for a few minutes. Then carefully rinse the surface with clean water. Remember to protect your hands by wearing gloves before applying the solvent

What to do with stubborn adhesive marks on wood flooring?

If the above methods aren’t effective in removing the adhesive from the wood flooring, try the following methods:

Clean cloth

Simply remove the adhesive traces by vigorously rubbing with a clean cloth. If they aren’t too embedded, they will eventually come off using this method which requires a certain amount of elbow grease. If the adhesive traces are still stubborn, moisten the cloth slightly with clean water before rubbing the wood flooring.


Traces of adhesive can be removed using acetone. Apply the acetone directly to the traces of adhesive using a soft cloth and rub lightly. The traces will easily come off your wood flooring. And don't worry: acetone evaporates quickly, so there's no risk of staining your floor. Remember to work in a well-ventilated room, as acetone is an irritant and inhaling it should be avoided.