In which direction should wood flooring be laid in a bedroom?

Regardless of whether it’s a floating or glued wood floor, the first question to answer before starting the work is the direction in which the boards should be laid. Here are some tips on knowing in which direction wood flooring should be laid in a bedroom depending on your taste and respecting the basic principles.

Take into account the main light source

The first thing to consider when deciding which way to lay food flooring in a bedroom is the light. The board direction should be selected according to the sources of natural light. Usually, laying the wood flooring perpendicular to the main source of incoming light is recommended, especially for square rooms.

Laying wood flooring lengthwise 

Wood flooring is usually laid lengthwise, especially if the bedroom is rectangular. Firstly because it’s the easiest method, and secondly because it requires less cutting. It also extends the space and gives depth.

Laying wood flooring widthways 

Another board direction possibility in a bedroom: horizontal laying. Here the wood flooring boards are laid perpendicular to the longest walls. This is ideal for small bedrooms, as the room will seem bigger.

Laying the wood floor diagonally

If you have a very small bedroom, diagonal installation is the best way to make the room seem larger. By laying the boards at a 45° angle to the wall, the room looks bigger and more spacious! This type of installation however, generates a lot of offcuts.
To sum up, when choosing the direction to lay flooring in bedrooms, you should take into account the size and shape of the room, the main light source, but also the style you want and your own preferences. 

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And to better visualise the result and make the right choice, Panaget also proposes a simulator, Imagine by Panaget, which you can use to test the direction your wood floor will be laid.