French oak Authentic Linen Diva 139

When it comes to timeless, striking interiors, you can’t go wrong with white. It’s a real chameleon, blending in with a whole spectrum of decorative styles from romantic to contemporary: in this instance, pure whites and bold black and green tones. As a bonus, there’s a beautifully designed moulded frieze crossing the baseline, imparting a real sense of elegance.


Wood floor type Engineered wood floor
Species French oak
Collection Daylight whites
Design features Brushed, light white matt lacqured
Finish type Matt lacquer wood floor
Width (mm) 139
Length (mm) 495 - 1992
Thickness (mm) 12
Facing thickness (mm) 2.5
Usage class 23
Recommended use Wood flooring for single office, playroom and kitchen with access on the outside
Area Type HDF
Chamfer 4 chamfers
Laying Glue-free floating installation
Compatible Heated floor
Compatible Reversible heated floor
Technical sheet
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FDES file
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  • Parquets de France
  • 100% French Oak
  • Emissions to inside air A+
  • 30 year guarantee
IMPORTANT When ordering your wooden flooring it’s important to factor in a margin of 2-5% more than the actual surface you’re covering. This means you won’t run out of planks while it’s being installed. It’s also worth remembering that while we take the greatest care in manufacturing our flooring, there can sometimes be slight variations in colouring. Keep these points in mind and you’re sure to enjoy a beautiful finished product.


Linen is available in differents declensions :

French oak Zenitude Linen -
Sonate 140

French oak Zenitude Linen -
Diva 184

French oak Zenitude Linen -
Diva 139

French oak Mixed Classic/Authentic Linen -
Herringbone 90

French oak Classic Linen -
Diva 139

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Veneered varnished skirting board - linen / sable

Veneered varnished skirting board for "linen" / "sable" wood flooring

White coated skirting board, ready to paint - linen wood floor

White coated skirting board, ready to paint - linen wood floor

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