Made in Bourgbarré

In this Breton village, watched over by its belfry and our factory’s towers, our employees’ enthusiasm and hard work have allowed the Panaget range to flourish. We have been growing constantly since 1929, transforming our craftsmanship into proven manufacturing expertise that is recognized throughout the industry.

All this is achieved with two plants, 150 employees, 100% French oak, and integrated product development and design.  Panaget is a true success story. But instead of resting on our laurels, we strive for continuous innovation on a daily basis, both in France and export markets. We do everything we can to offer the finest French-made quality and style. The possibilities of the new technology we’ve developed are almost  infinite ...

We use centuries-old techniques, and we have a genuine passion for what we do.

Orféo, , a three-ply engineered flooring in which the strips are made up of glued layers on a support medium, is also mass produced. The three components – wear layer, core and counterbalance – are glued together in a high-frequency press. The flooring is assembled on an automated production line, supervised by Nadine, who has 27 years’ experience at the Bourgbarré factory. Her job is to monitor and adjust the line to reflect changing production needs, while ensuring that safety requirements are met.

People and technology

Just as the robots at our Redon site must operate at 100% productivity, so we must continue adapting to changes in the marketplace. Nicolas, a trimmer with seven years’ experience at Redon, is also responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the machines, which includes carrying out inspections, replacing defective parts and locating faults. He ensures that the production lines operate optimally and meet the highest possible standards of quality and productivity. Whatever needs doing, he’s the man for the job!

And blending age-old crafts with the latest technology.

Automated machinery like ours requires constant supervision. Yves, a senior workshop technician who has been with us for 25 years, brings his valuable experience to the production process   by diagnosing and finding solutions to problems. His technical skills, and specialist preventive and curative maintenance expertise, ensure that our machinery operates efficiently, day after day.

Automatic assembly

Installed in 2015, this line assembles Alto 139 wood floors and wall cladding. It was speciallydesigned for us, with the aim of achieving even higher standards of quality and productivity. Operator Alexandrine, who has been at our Bourgbarré factory for 10 years, keeps a close eye to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Quality control

Our products have to be faultless, so we carry out continuous quality control checks at our factories to maintain our reputation for perfection. Adjuster Julien, who has worked at Redon for four years, uses a profile projector to check the machining of flooring as it is manufactured.

Design group creative meeting

The members of this group, representing various departments of the company, have been working closely with designer Sophie Briand since 2011. They identify trends and develop new collections
with a distinctively French touch. Panaget’s continued innovation has made it a leading force in flooring and wall covering design.

David (Quality)
Jean-Marie (Production Management)
Sophie Briand (Designer)
Jean-Luc Roy (General Management)
Sonia (Accounts)
Nathalie (Purchasing)
Aurélia (Marketing)
Jocelyne (Sales)

Enabling us to continually build on our know-how and experience.

The Bourgbarré glueing line is supplied by a mechanized gantry. It is managed by Stéphane, who uses his 30 years’ experience to ensure that it runs smoothly at all times. He monitors and maintains the equipment that helps us to provide such a high-quality service, and his detailed knowledge of the line makes him an essential member of the Panaget team.

Origine: a combination of passion and technology.

It is here, supervised by Pascal (a trimmer at Panaget for 19 years) that the Origine line’s uniqueness and originality come to the fore – thanks to features like industrially aged chamfers  and the natural flaws of the wood, which becomes more beautiful over time.  Applying traditional craftsmanship on an industrial scale is what Panaget is all about.

Quality and expertise at every stage of the supply chain.

Women make up over half of Panaget’s workforce, combining a passion for wood’s refined nature with proven technical ability. Tatania, a trimmer who has been at the company for eight years, heads the Redon glueing line. This is a recent addition to our operations, with several automated processes. Tatania’s professionalism makes her a valuable asset to the business. Redon produces a distinct range – each packet contains a mix of strips of different lengths, from 400 to 2,000 mm. Combining different size strips is a traditional French practice, but Panaget does it on an industrial scale. We revisit classic designs, bringing them up to date to meet the needs of the 21st century,

Designers draw on wide-ranging know-how.

Sophie Briand, a designer at Panaget since 2011, and Rémy, our head of methodology, who has been with us for 25 years, combine their talents to develop and showcase the innovations of tomorrow.  Each new project and product is the fruit of teamwork and detailed analysis, as we move from the idea to the design, testing and production phases. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to evolve and adapt. And design plays an integral role in Panaget’s development. We are committed to creating original products of impeccable taste, with an unmistakably French touch.

Oiled finishes

This spraying equipment has enabled us to increase the proportion of oiled products in our range. The quality of our finishes has resulted in constantly increased sales of these floors. Adjuster Patrick, who has been at Bourgbarré for the past 25 years, specialises in this area.

Computerised production cycle

In 2015, we installed Cegid enterprise resource planning to manage our entire production cycle in real time. Wall coverings inspector Brigitte, who has been with Panaget for 43 years, uses a barcode reader to monitor product movements.