Bois flotté, a complete layout solution for floors and walls

Publié le March 13, 2017

You will find the driftwood, the best seller of the house, today available in width 225 mm. Presented on architect @ work, Bois flotté seduced the prescribers with its beautiful luminosity and its exceptional matt varnish which comes out of the beauty of natural oak. Sober and timeless, this parquet created from the outset a soothing atmosphere. What's more, Driftwood is very easy to maintain. At home, on will fully enjoy its qualities by walking barefoot.

Formats et various aspects

Bois flotté flooring is available in a wide range of formats (double-planks and single planks, widths 90 - 139 - 184 mm) and aspects, in laminated or solid. Thus, lovers of clean lines will choose their floor in the Classic range, while those who prefer the singularities of the oak (knots, slits) will instead turn to the Authentique and Zenitude ranges.
Also available in 15 mm thick to meet the demands of heavy traffic (class 33), doubts are raised about the solidity and longevity of this parquet for interiors subject to harsh tests (shops, media libraries, houses on board of sea ...). Finally, for those who wish to extend the wood on the walls, Driftwood is also available as a wall mounted version.

Discover our range of parquet in pictures ...

parquet_chene_classic_bois_flotte_diva          parquet_chene_zenitude_bois_flotte_otello 

parquet_chene_classic_bois_flotte_orfeo          bois_mural_141_chene_bois_flotte

Wood floor Oak Classic bois flotté, Diva 184

A cocooning atmosphere for this salon with soft and natural hues. Bois flotté wood flooring provides a soothing and enveloping sensation.

Wood floor Oak Zenitude Bois flotté, Diva 139

Bois flotté wood flooring brings warmth and familiarity to this large contemporary living room open to the kitchen area, and bathed in natural light.

Wood floor Oak Classic Bois flotté, Orféo 139

To be able to walk barefoot in the office, we move to the house! Bois flotté warms this office space in black & white.

Oak Bois flotté, Bois mural 141

For fans of the natural and charming interiors, Bois flotté is the solution.