Café crème and Miel, new cocooning wood floors by Panaget

Publié le February 20, 2020

The Panaget team presents its new brochure "Café crème and Miel" dedicated to new colours, deliciously cocooned, which perfectly highlight the nobility of a French oak floor.

Deliciously cocooning, Café crème warms the interiors with a subtle, slightly milky veil, which gives it both charm and modernity. A great alternative to natural wood floors, the character of Café crème also emanates from oak blades with very marked singularities...


French oak | Zenitude | Café crème | Diva 139
> Visualize this finish with Imagine by Panaget

Miel, with its golden color, encaustic way, sublimates the soft singularities of oak. This new timeless lacquered parquet will bring comfort and well-being in a renovation project or in a new house.


French oak | Authentic | Miel | Diva 184
> Visualize this finish with Imagine by Panaget


These two subtly coloured and extremely matt lacquered are very pleasant to live with and easy to maintain over the years.

This 6-page brochure tells the story of the creation of these elegant finishes, their specific features and the choice of wood on which they are applied.

To discover "Café crème and Miel", leaf through our new brochure by clicking here or read our press release.