« Brut de récup' », the new wall panelling by Panaget

Publié le November 21, 2017

Panaget is expanding its Bois Mural collection with Brut de récup’, oak wall panelling that features beautiful imperfections. Brut de récup’ is the perfect choice for those who treasure used objects and materials that have a more rugged and irregular look. The discolourations, saw marks and knots of differing sizes which characterise each strip will make the walls inside your home look truly unique. Brut de récup’ is 100% natural, with no treatments or finishes.

Brut de récup’ shows our French oak in a whole new light. As well as helping to cut down on waste, Brut de récup’ actually turns flaws and peculiarities into assets.
This very wabi-sabi wall panelling, with its bohemian-chic and rugged appeal, will certainly add a touch of charm to your home interior.

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CBM_Brut_de_recup Zoom_brut_de_recup

CBM 141 | Brut de récup