Kitchens & bathrooms: dare wood flooring!

Publié le May 29, 2020

In the bedroom, for its unequalled softness underfoot.

In the living room, for its incomparable warmth and unique character.

Wood flooring slips easily into our home, especially in the so-called "living" room. But have you ever thought about the kitchen or the bathroom? The Panaget Manufacture offers a wide range of wood floors adapted to the whole house and your daily life.

To make the right choice, take into account the type of wood flooring - solid or engineered -, the wood species, the type of laying - floated, glued down or nailed -, and the layout of the strips - straight, diagonal, etc. Also think about the lighting, the colour of the walls, the hue of the furniture, or the more or less intensive use of the room, with or without access to the outside.

Let us guide you, shake ideas up.

Make room, enhance your interior space.

Frenck oak Authentic Bois flotté, Diva 184

Wood flooring, the right choice to create a unique place like no other!



For the kitchen, choose a wood flooring with an oiled finish from 14 variations, meaning 72 product references. Its easier maintenance allows the cleaning of specific areas and avoids impregnation and the appearance of stains. At the end of the installation, a thin coat of Panaget maintenance oil will give your wood flooring the best protection.

Make room, enhance your interior space.

Would you prefer a lacquered floor? Play with material contrasts. Combine concrete or ceramic tiles with wood flooring and create a different perspective for your floor.

Frenck oak Authentic Miel, Diva 184

Games of contrasts and materials: an invitation to see the floor differently.


For the bathroom, go for the teak.

Known for its resistance to water and mould, teak guarantees excellent resistance in rooms where humidity level often varies. A yellow-brown to dark brown colour with thin strips and integrated joints, this wood from Indonesia has it all! Ultra-soft underfoot, you won’t be able to live without it!

Teak Pre-oiled, Ulysse

The ultimate softness for a refined cosy feel.


Whether it is oiled or lacquered, the secret for a long lasting wood flooring is its maintenance.

For oiled floors:

dust the surface regularly with a broom or vacuum cleaner and clean with cold water using a microfibre broom. After installation, apply Panaget maintenance oil once or twice a year. This regular and specific maintenance will regenerate a protective layer and guarantee a natural and warm appearance.

For lacquered floors:

same dusting recommended. In the case of stains or halos, blot dry (ou mop up) with absorbent paper towel and then wipe with a well-wrung cold water moistened cloth. If necessary, use a neutral detergent, but never abrasive products or products with silicone.

On all our wood floorings, do not use hot or even tepid water or a steam cleaner. If you have direct outside access, provide a carpet on your floor to wipe your feet. It will considerably reduce any dust or small gravel brought in from outside that could damage the wood.

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