Origine & Salvagio, multisensorials by Panaget

Publié le September 18, 2018

Panaget love wood floors that have real character. The Origine and Salvagio collections emphasize the distinctive features and quirks of the oak, making each floor unique. Your new wood floor will soon become a much-loved part of your home.


For our Origine oak flooring range, we take inspiration from old-fashioned floors. We select the most characteristic lumber, which means the planks have several highly distinctive features, such as dark knots, filled and partly open knots, nuances and discolorations, cracks, flaws, flecks and swirls. Deep brushing, as well as crafted and aged bevels, gives these boards a distinctive character.

panaget_chene_origine_tourbe panaget_chene_origine_tourbe

Chêne | Origine | Tourbe | Diva 184



During the manufacturing process of our floors, we separate and save the top layers with random grooves, saw marks and indentations coming from the sawing and planning processes.
These features give to the wood floors a structured and subtly non-uniform surface, with dark and/or open knots. This natural sort of raw-material effect is what make the Salvagio range so unique.


Chêne | Salvagio | Huile naturelle | Diva 139

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