High Traffic wood floors

Our selection of wood floors for high traffic areas
Choose your high traffic wood flooring for public buildings, libraries, apartment buildings, shops, bars or restaurants. Our high traffic wood floors are designed to withstand the effects of time and keep the same appearance even after thousands of steps on their surface.
The high traffic wood flooring is available in several versions: straight planks, herringbone and chevron. Several types of installation and layouts are possible.

Choose your high traffic wood floor
Our high traffic wood floors are made of French oak, a wood renowned for its robustness, longevity and high resistance to wear. This range is available in four formats of planks and chevron. Our engineered wood floors have a minimum 3.4mm thick top layer and four different lacquers: Bois flotté, Topaze, as well as Café crème and Miel, our two latest warm and friendly creations.
These high traffic wood floors have a reinforced lacquer layer made of Corundum, the second hardest mineral after diamond. It combines durability with three times the abrasion resistance of a conventional lacquer.
Very easy to maintain, our floors only need daily dusting with a hoover and monthly cleaning with cold water and lacquered wood floor cleaner.