Can I put wood flooring in my bathroom?

Bathroom floors do not have to be tiled. A suitable wood floor will feel pleasant underfoot and will help to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Over the last few years, wood floors have evolved in line with contemporary tastes and now offer more comfort and resistance to moisture. However, it’s still important to follow a few guidelines in order to pick a wood floor that is compatible with your bathroom.

What wood is best for a bathroom floor?

As the bathroom is the most humid space in the house, any wood floor installed needs to be completely rot-proof. Water will inevitably splash on the floor from the sink or bath and the moisture in the air can damage the surface of the wood or seep in and cause mould growth.
In general, European woods are not suitable for bathroom floors. Exotic woods are a better option as they are naturally resistant to moisture. Panaget offers a specially designed Indonesian teak floor that is resistant to moisture and fungus, making it ideal for rooms that are particularly humid.
Available in a range of warm and elegant hues, from golden to dark brown, this floor has slim strips and built-in gaskets. Super soft underfoot, it’s the perfect choice for your bathroom.

What finish is best for a wood floor in the bathroom?

Even when regularly reapplied, wood sealers are not suitable for humid, high-traffic areas. They do not enable the wood to breathe, causing the protective surface layer to rapidly deteriorate. Even sealers specifically designed for high-traffic areas are unsuitable for bathrooms.
Any wood floor installed in a bathroom therefore needs to be oiled. The oil protects the strips and enables you to spot-maintain any worn or stained areas. It also enables the strips to breathe if moisture seeps in.
It is also important to maintain your oiled wood floor on a regular basis to preserve its shine and durability.
All of our bathroom wood floors are pre-oiled to ensure effective and long-lasting protection.

Installing wood floors in a bathroom

Glue-down installation is mandatory for our solid Teak wood floors.
Important steps when installing wood floors in a bathroom:

  • Check the floor's evenness and moisture levels
  • Use an appropriate polymer glue
  • Choose suitable gaskets

It is very important to ensure the wood floor you install is stable and even. If the strips do not lay flat (if there is any differentiation in height), it is easier for water to seep into the gaps in between them. Even the slightest slope can let moisture in.
Furthermore, fluctuations in temperature can lead to large gaps between the different flooring strips. Even if the wood is stable and resistant, choosing the right installation type is vital.
Glue-down installation is the only option that guarantees your floor will be firmly stuck in place and completely watertight. We recommend using specially designed gaskets and polymer glue intended for full glue-down installation.

To do this, Panaget recommends ‘boat deck’ installation.