How do I maintain my varnished floor?

In order that the concept of “hardness” is associated with a real wood floor, the room has to be subject to normal use and a maintenance plan has to be put in place. Normal use means that certain precautions have to be carried out to protect against abrasive materials, such as sand or gravel and also against furniture legs where the castors are not suitable (in the case of arm chairs, TV tables, etc.). In other words, for a wood flooring to last well, one should consider a suitable wood species at the outset and prescribe the correct cleaning methods.


Clean it regularly using a broom or vacuum cleaner. Use a damp sponge or mop to remove more stubborn dirt. Use neutral detergents containing no ammonia, silicon or abrasives.

How you maintain your floor, and how often you clean it, will depend on how much wear it is subject to. Avoid using water on your floor or getting it wet, and squeeze out mops thoroughly before use. If your floor gets dirty, use soap that’s specially designed to preserve the finish of varnished floors.

Vacuum the floor thoroughly before applying metallizing lacquer, to ensure that it coats properly.
Your reseller can advise you on how to deal with spills and heavy soiling.


You can download the maintenance instructions for your lacquered floor here.