How do I maintain my lacquered floor?

Maintaining a lacquered wood floor is easier than ever thanks to Panaget's new finishing techniques that protect it against everyday wear and tear. However, it is still important to clean and protect your floor on a regular basis to extend its lifespan and keep it looking its best. Read on to discover the best ways to look after your lacquered wood floor.

Extending the lifespan of your lacquered wood floor

To keep your lacquered wood floor in good condition, it's important to choose the correct floor for your home and to maintain it on a regular basis.

Protecting your floor from wear and tear

To maintain your wood floor over time, it's essential to take a few precautions to keep it in good condition as it ages. 
First off, it's vital to ensure that no abrasive elements come into contact with your wood floor. Sand, gravel and pieces of furniture can permanently mark the wood. To avoid this, you can simply place a doormat at the entrance to your home so that anyone who comes in leaves the dirt and gravel from their shoes at the door. You can also put felt pads on furniture legs to prevent scratches or marks.
Before cleaning or maintaining your wood floor, you should think carefully about the type and frequency of the cleaning required. You may need to sweep or vacuum the room more often if it is in regular use. You should also limit how often you mop the floor as moisture can irreparably damage the wood.

Cleaning your lacquered wood floor

To correctly maintain your wood floor, you need to clean it on a regular basis. It is important to remove any dust or grime with a broom or a vacuum cleaner so that it doesn’t build up. You can also use a slightly damp sponge or mop to remove marks and dirt from the floor. Make sure the mop is well wrung out before use to prevent water from seeping into the gaps between the strips and damaging them. You should never use abrasive, ammonia-based or silicone-based cleaners as these can permanently mark your wood floor, ruining all your hard work.
To clean your lacquered wood flooring properly, we recommend using Cleaner Panaget. The cleaner degreases, cleans and revives lacquered wood flooring, whether satin or matt. Cleaning should be carried out no more than once a month to avoid any risk of soiling.

If you accidentally spill a household product on the floor or can’t remove a stubborn bit of dirt, don’t hesitate to contact your stockist for tailored cleaning advice. You can also follow our guidelines on cleaning lacquered floors and our techniques for removing stains from the wood.

Maintaining lacquered wood floors

The lacquer coating on your wood floor will naturally deteriorate over time. Depending on how worn the lacquer is, you can apply a polish or a matt or satin ‘metallizing’ protective layer to restore its appearance. 
Before applying the polish or metallizer, vacuum up any dust on the surface of the floor to ensure perfect adhesion. The results will be immediately noticeable once a layer have been applied with a mop. Your wood floor will shine like new and any little scratches will have disappeared. We recommend repeating this process once a year to protect your wood floor from general wear and tear and keep it looking its best.

For illustrated instructions on how to apply a metallizer, see the video tutorial in this section.