Why choose wood flooring?

For its many advantages:
- Its aesthetic qualities: wood is a noble material that enhances your interior. 
- Its natural, authentic feel: wood floors are healthy, they don't trap or produce dust, so they avoid the risk of allergies.
- Its sensory properties create a warm atmosphere and a natural feel.
- Wood is a CO2 trap, making it one of the floor coverings with the lowest carbon footprint.
 - Longevity: wood flooring lasts an average of 50 years and is the only floor covering that can be renovated by sanding down the top layer. A positive impact for the planet! 
- Easy to maintain: just dry clean!
- Resistance to wear and tear: the ongoing development of our lacquers and the new Grand Trafic range provide effective protection for our wood floors against abrasion, scratches and stains. You can also choose oiled wood floors, which are protected by impregnation, so you can easily maintain them to preserve their original appearance or shape them to your own taste.

Now all you have to do is find your ideal wood floor. It couldn't be easier: try out our Panaget wood flooring simulator.