Decor inspo: kitchen panelling makes a comeback

Wood is having a revival in every room of the home – even the kitchen. Our Concept Bois Mural brings wood panels to your walls as well as your floors. Want to create a warm and welcoming kitchen where natural materials take centre stage? Then let Concept Bois Mural do the work for you.

Kitchens and panelling: a match made in heaven

Think that wood won't work in rooms with lots of water like the kitchen and the bathroom?  Think again! By opting for high-quality woods and durable finishes, it's perfectly possible for wood to play a starring role in your kitchen. 
And when it comes to panelling, PVC is not the only option. While PVC panels are often recommended for the kitchen thanks to their waterproof properties, wood can also be used as long as it is first treated with the necessary product to prevent rot.
Our Concept Bois Mural is not made from naturally water-resistant wood, but it can still be fitted in the kitchen. You just need to ensure it's installed at a safe distance from any plumbing fixtures or heat sources that might damage it.

Concept Bois Mural: kitchen décor inspo

Inspired by contemporary, Scandinavian or chalet-style kitchens? Panaget can help create your desired look with their Concept Bois Mural panelling. We've put together a selection of décor ideas to help you create an inviting kitchen space that is as unique as you are.

Jazz up kitchen walls with our Concept Bois Mural

Installing wood panelling in the kitchen will help foster a warm, organic and authentic feel. One option is to create a feature wall using our Concept Bois Mural. Light oak with a white oil finish is the perfect match for Scandinavian-style kitchens. For a more modern look, opt for our grey Cabane oak panels with their suave and sophisticated hue. Installing panels only on the lower part of the wall rather than covering an entire wall is another option.

Panelled kitchen islands

While Concept Bois Mural is often used to clad walls, it's also possible to install it in other places. Our panelling strips form a unique focal point when installed on a central kitchen island. They can be positioned either vertically or horizontally depending on your desired look. Our Rafia- and Bois Flotté-finished oak panels are a versatile choice that works well with a range of décor styles. Want something that really stands out? Our striking green Cabane strips bring a fresh and organic feel to any space.

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Worktop splashbacks

Concept Bois Mural can also function as a splashback above your kitchen worktop – just avoid installing it behind the hob or sink. Fit the panels above your worktop, either horizontally or vertically. Mix and match wood and tiles for a unique and contemporary look. A raw timber splashback is a great option for a more rustic vibe and can be equipped with utensil racks and hooks. Whichever style of Concept Bois Mural you choose for your splashback, it's important to look after it so it stands the test of time. A coat of protective oil is essential.
Want to install Concept Bois Mural in your kitchen but not sure where to start? Panaget's network of skilled artisans are always on hand to offer advice and help you make the best choice.