How to shine wood flooring?

Wooden flooring gives a room charm and character. It’s important to care for it properly to make sure it doesn’t lose its beauty over time. Find out how to shine wood flooring according to its finish.

Rule number 1: Clean your floor 

To maintain the floor’s beauty and shine it’s essential to clean it regularly. Once a week, vacuum the floor to remove dirt and clean the floor with a slightly damp cloth every month.

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How do you shine varnished wood flooring?

Varnished wood flooring requires very little maintenance. Over time, however, the coat of varnish can deteriorate. So how do you shine varnished wood flooring to maintain its beauty? To revive areas that may become dull and regenerate the appearance of the varnish, we recommend applying a coat of "matt or satin metalizer" for wood flooring every year using a microfibre mop. 

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How do you shine oiled wood flooring?

Shining oiled wood flooring is relatively easy: once or twice a year, apply Panaget care oil and wipe with a cotton cloth to soak the product into the wood. Remember to dust and clean your floor beforehand, so that the oil better penetrates the wood and dries faster. You can use Panaget's oiled wood floor soap.

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