How do I minimize wastage when laying flooring?

Before you start, calculate the total surface area of the strips and the size of the floor, to ensure the strips are used efficiently.

Use the offcut at the end of each row to start the next row.

However, to ensure the floor is stable, the offcut length must be at least twice the width of a strip.

Ideally, place the strips lengthwise to the room

or in the same direction as the light entering through the windows.

Calculate how many rows you will need to cover the width of the room, and thus the dimensions of the first and last strips.

Divide the length of the room by the width of a strip: AB/CD = E. Round E down to the nearest whole number (e.g. if it is 24.8, round it down to 24)

Do this sum: (AB-(E x CD))/2 = Z. Z is the width of the first row.