What is the UPEC classification of Panaget floors? (Usage classification)

Our materials are subject to UPEC classification by the French Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB). It uses four criteria:

- U stands for “usure”, or wear, caused by foot traffic.

- P stands for “poinçonnement”, or impact caused by dropped objects, furniture being moved, furniture casters or maintenance equipment.

- E stands for “eau”, and relates to water resistance.

- C is “chimie”, or chemical resistance.

This classification does not apply to us because our floors can be renovated. However, it is possible to establish an equivalent, and our floors are by default classified as E1C0 unless otherwise specified. The wear and impact classification depends on how the floor is used.

UPEC wear classifications       
         21                          U₂P₂
         22                          U₂₅P₂
         23                          U₂₅P₃
         31                          U₃P₂
         32                          U₃P₃
         33                          U₃₅P₃