How can I soundproof a bedroom?

Effective acoustic insulation is a bedroom essential to guard against noise nuisances and ensure a good night's sleep. Acoustically insulating your wood floors is very important as it can significantly reduce noise. Here are our top tips on soundproofing your bedroom.

The importance of acoustic insulation in bedrooms

Bedrooms should be calm and relaxing environments. However, it's not unusual for sound to filter through from other rooms, floors or the outside. In the short term, these noise nuisances do nothing to contribute to the creation of a peaceful space. And in the long term, they can impact sleep quality, cause stress and negatively affect the general well-being of household members.
That's why the acoustic insulation of wood floors is so important. It can help dampen sound from other floors and create a comfortable environment.

What's the best way to soundproof a bedroom with wood floors?

There are several steps involved in soundproofing any room, one of which is insulating the floors. So how exactly do you install acoustic insulation on the floor of a bedroom? If you have wood floors in your bedroom, the first step is to install underlay below them to reduce ambient sound (airborne noises and noise from impacts). There are several types of insulating underlays available.

  • Insulating underlays for floating wood floors. These are made from fully recyclable, non-cross-linked polyethylene foam. 
  • Fully recyclable, non-cross-linked, insulating polyethylene foam underlay. These come complete with a vapour barrier and can be overlapped by 200 mm.
  • Rubber and cork underlays for floating or glued wood floors. 

We recommend rubber or cork underlays for glued wood floors. They are only mandatory in condos but we advise installing one regardless to help prevent sound transmission and noise from falling objects.

Underlays are mandatory when installing a floating wood floor. Why? Because floating wood floors don't sit directly on the floor but on a layer of air, which amplifies sound waves. Underlays reduce noise from impacts and offer enhanced acoustic insulation.

Check out the best underlays for floating wood floors

Other things to consider when soundproofing a bedroom

Aside from insulating your floors, there are other steps you can take to create a calm atmosphere in your bedroom. From doors to walls to windows: find out how to acoustically insulate your bedroom.

  • Install double-glazed windows to shield against outside noise
  • Install our Concept Bois Mural on both solid and partition walls
  • Opt for a thermally and acoustically insulated door with airtight seals
  • Think carefully about décor – it might seem inconsequential but furnishings can also help reduce noise. Consider incorporating rugs, curtains or even a comfy armchair, as these can all help absorb sound.